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BATTLETAG: CalYpso#2699
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[EU/PC] Velox recruiting players for professional scene

pc - Slovenija by Matic
Posted on 12 Sep 2016

Server: Europe

[EU/PC] Velox community recruiting serious/high skilled players for professional scene.
We are looking for: -projectile DPS (genji god, pharah...)
-main supp (shotcaller god) lucio
-sec supp (zen gon) mercy

I expect from players:
-high level of in game experience (Preferably from scrimms/tournaments...).
-rank 70+, 75+ pref
-Enought time to practice every day
-motivation to improve as player and as team
-goal: to become top tier team
-Positive, team focused attitude, not giving up when we lost...


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