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[EU/NA][PC][Any SR]

pc - by Lucas#25840
Posted on 02 Jun 2019


We are a competitive gaming clan looking for new members and YOU are the perfect candidate,
We're looking for passionate Players that want to become better and that's exactly what we are going to help you with.
You will be put into a roster that you will practice with atleast 3 times a week, we also offer some great other games and events you can be apart of such as a karaoke night or other casual games.

You will be able to get coaching from Grandmaster level and all for free.
We don't care about your Rank or Level, We don't care what hero's you play, you will always fit in!

The only requirements are that you need to be 13 or older and be able to speak and understand English.
I hope I will see you!

Add me on my Discord(LucasLeviOlling#1114) If you're interested or have any questions!


    interested, but unfortunately i cannot talk over voice. am i still eligible?

    by Boogie

    Sorry for replying this late, I don't think that is possible, but the worst of mic's can do.

    by Lucas#25840

    Hey are you guys still looking for players? My discord is burekas#3752

    by burekas

    If you guys are still looking I can join

    by EucaJay#1417

    Yea sure! Just add me on discord: LucasLeviOlling#1114

    by Lucas#25840