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[EU][ALL RANKS] FirstBlooD

pc - Europe by FirstBlooD
Posted on 14 Apr 2018

Server: Europe

Stay awhile and listen...

Our community is bound by two simple principles - healthy competition and rivalship, followed by a desire to have some great time together.

We're still working on a few nuances, such as bots for the Discord server. That being told, we're always eager to listen to your feedback!

Wonder what we're looking for?

We're looking for players of old and new to join our lovely crew. Whether you're looking for competitve experience or a quick round of team deathmatch, we're certain you'll find your place amongst us!

Our goal is to promote a friendly and welcoming gaming environment, so if you show any traits going against said goal, you might be better off for yourself. There is no rank requirement, as we believe everyone can improve or deserve to have fun with fellow clanmates.

Requirements you are obliged to meet

1. You must be 16 or older to join our community.
2. You must speak English.
3. Willingness to commit both socially and gameplay wise.
4. A working microphone.
5. Do. Not. Be. Toxic.

To get started, join the server!


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