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[EU] [PC] TR-Esport looking for solid players

pc - Norwegian by DabV#2603
Posted on 08 Nov 2018

Server: Europe

[EU][PC] TR-Esport
We are currently building a new main team, where we are looking for experienced and positive players! We are a Norwegian E-sport team that wanna compete in a Norwegian tournament called Telenorliga, Open Divison and some other tournaments!

What we're looking for:
-Located in Europe (Norway preferred)
-High ambitions
-Age 16+
-Able to attend at set time Scrim/training time
-Good communication! Also able to shot call
-Can handle losses and work well under pressure
-SR requirement: 4k+ can go lower under special circumstances where you got a lot of earlier experience.

We are also looking for a dedicated trainer that can be paid for his work and be able to meet up minimum 3 times a week for scrims and vod reviews!

Hero requirements:
Main tank: Rein, Orisa and Winston (Wrecking Ball is a plus)
Off tank: Zarya, Roadhog and, D.va (Wrecking Ball is a plus)
Off Healer/Main healer: Mercy, Moira, Lucio, Zenyatta, etc.

What we offer:
3 to 4 practices a week.
We can offer sponsored merchandise.
We can offer sponsored trips to different LAN events that the club owner wants us to participate in.
We are currently looking for a trainer so that's something we will offer as well over time.

interested? contact me here.
Discord: DabV#4807 (remember capital letters) Btag: DabV#2603


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