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[EU PC] [DIA] Team Firestrike

pc - by SaltyPotato#21190
Posted on 13 Jun 2018

Server: Europe

Team Firestrike is a new Overwatch team that wants to become the #1 esports team and branch into higher levels. We are a team that wants to become the best team in Europe via scrims, community leagues, normal competitive, etc. We are looking for everyone that wants to join!

We are looking for:
- 1x DPS
- 1x Tank
- 1x Support
- Flex allowed
- Subs
- Coaches (we already have one but more is welcome!)

- Must be 16+
- Must have a working microphone and Discord
- Must have flexible times, atleast 2 hours per day on average (CEST)
- Must be willing to practice together, and accepted losses. Losses are great because we learn the most from them.
- Career High of Diamond (Some people including me have stopped playing competitive and are thus lower ranked than normal.)


Contact SaltyPotato#21190 now

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