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Esoteric Gaming; Staff, Streamers and Players

pc - USA by Warfen
Posted on 29 Mar 2018

Server: America

Esoteric Gaming is looking for Staff, Streamers and Players to join our Community. You can find open staff positions on our website:

Here is our current roadmap:

Esoteric Gaming is a brand new organization however Esoteric Gaming is not an esports organization but something we call a gaming organization. The organization consists of three branches of focus; community, content creators/streamer and esports. Not one branch is more important than the other and they all exist to achieve the organization’s goal of having community driven entertainment in the gaming world. We are also action oriented so we don’t ask for you to believe or have faith we ask you to join or standby and watch.

Specific Company Objectives:
- Create a strong community.
- Forming a stance against unhealthy products such as energy drinks and “junk food” being in the industry.
- We don’t necessarily mean having our players and streamers be on strict diet rules and strict on what they say we just think that when it comes to sponsorship that organizations should take bigger responsibility.
- Having community charity events, normal events and tournaments.
- Having a strong esports pr essence in the North American region
- This will be done by learning from what is successful in Korea and apply their structure to our teams.
- Having a large amount of content creators/streamers under the organization

SWOT Analysis (strength, weaknesses and threats)
Our biggest strength would have to be the analytical approach I take to approaching problems even problems which are possible to occur but never actually happen. For example in this roadmap itself I wrote it for the intention of it going out to the public and doing so I made it so that the public can have a solid idea of what I would like to achieve without giving any details that could threaten my organization in the sense of telling other organizations how to operate.
Another strength we have is being able to offer streamers and content creators with information to grow while we are in search of funding.
The biggest weakness we have is of course money just like any other start-up gaming/esports organization. As stated earlier we do have ideas on how to provide something of value other than money and when the money comes then everyone gets money.

Strategies to Achieve our Goals:
This may seem a bit obvious but we are early in development so it is something we have to face and that is obtaining staff. This is going to be achieved by having everything laid out and concise as well as us being vultures when it comes to recruitment. In my experience in any line of business in order to get staff you have to be aggressive and that doesn’t change in the gaming/esports industry. This is the step we are currently on so don’t expect lots of staff or members right when you join.
The next step is to recruit streamers and content creators to be under the organization. We do this by offering the entertainers various ways of growing their following and strategies to make money. This is very needed and sought after by most in this field of work so what we offer is of high value. This step also starts to form a community for the organization. This step also helps us with our next step.
The third step to the procedure is about getting money. We don’t believe like most others don’t that we can run off of no money forever. We will focus on gaining sponsors. The last step helps immensely with this because we can then give sponsors brand recognition. This step then allows us to create contracts and pay staff and entertainers.
This step involves growing the community. We will do this by doing many events. The main events will be by having tournaments and starting charities. MMORPGs will help us a lot here because they are very community driven, it also gives us greater freedom than most other types of games because they are a lot closer to a sandbox than most other games are.
The last step that we have is all about the esports. This is probably what most people want to hear about. By the time we have gone through the other steps this should be a fairly easy process as we have the community, the sponsor, the staff and the media.

Join the public discord:
Check out our website, it's almost done:


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