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Dragon's Conjure - Community

pc - by ReeceyClone#2311
Posted on 17 Sep 2018

Server: Europe

Introducing "Dragon's Conjure"! A community with the goal of connecting teams, players, and other communities together through the use of scrims, pugs, future tournaments, and personal discord roles for you and your team.

We're constantly looking for partnerships with other Discord communities, allowing people to advertise in this server in return of the favour for allowing us to do the same in theirs.

Feel free to come and talk about other games, anime, TV shows, films or pretty much any geeky thing under the sun. Just because it's an Overwatch community primarily doesn't mean you have to focus on that only, make your ass comfy.

As of now, there's simply no age limit as people can be very matured at a young age in terms of their social structure, while others who are older may not be. We're willing to trust everyone ;)

If you wish to join after reading all of this, please - make yourself at home at Dragon's Conjure. (


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