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Brand new #FHH_Overwatch-Team looking for support main who can lucio + DPS/flex player

pc - Finland by Teme#21885
Posted on 16 Apr 2018

Server: Europe

We are looking for support player who can lucio good + DPS/flex player. We are going to play against other games and attend to play on leagues & tournaments but basic thing is have fun !
Requirments to join :
- You have mic & discord so you can communicate with other teammates
- You are not toxic / salty
- You can have fun while playing !
- You are not childish
- You are exprienced


    add me Drunkrat#2377

    by Drunkrat#2377

    Hey, im interested to join a team and kick ass :P, i play mostly dps champs, but i can also play tanks, discord : Rj#2381
    battleTag: AGXZ#2320

    by AGXZ

    Yo, I'm in the UK, 2773 SR right now. Looking for a team to play in to help me get into the competitive scene. I'm a tank main and have most hours on Reinhardt, if you're interested in adding me then please use my discord: HYPERlazy#2720

    by HYPERlazy#2353

    I'm interested i can play almost all dps and all tanks, i want to get More competitive. If you Are interested My Battle tag is BENA#21199 and discord: BENA#4027 I am from Finland.

    by BENA

    Ger Flex player able to play nearly all chars. Experienced on teams. Got Master with Support s6. Since than im trying to find a team cause its boring to play with so much toxic players and see the same mistakes made whole time. Would like to join u. Current plat


    If ya have any questions ill answer them ^-^
    Hopefully till soon

    by Noob#21273

    Contact Teme#21885 now

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