pc Division: bronze Using TS

Against The Grain Recruiting!

pc - by Roulette#11197
Posted on 11 Aug 2017

Server: America

Welcome, AgainstTheGrain Esports(ATG) is currently recruiting high caliber, DEDICATED players for it's academy teams. We are currently looking for possibly all positions. ATG esports is a newly founded organization with many actions in place to move forward into the professional scene. Our staff has experience in high end gameplay and will be assisting in coaching as well as vod reviews. We will be practicing/reviewing around 30 or more hours a week.

Minimum Requirements are as follows:
⦁ Must be available from 8:30pm (Central time zone) to 11:45pm most days
⦁ Minimum SR of 2700
⦁ Good game sense and a positive attitude
⦁ Dedicated to improving as a team and as an individual
⦁ 18+ years old, however some exceptions may be made under extreme conditions.
If you meet requirements feel free to join our discord and put you're application in the "applications" channel, or email us at atgesports@gmail.com. Do not friend through battlenet.


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