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[NA] [PS4] [2500 - 3500 SR] Ozone League

ps4 - Canada by CrimsonRed18
Posted on 11 Jul 2018

Server: America

Dear whomever may be reading this,
I was thinking about creating a competitive overwatch league, it would just be for fun and experience as it is brand new. It will be located in America and any times posted will be in EST, although if needed, I will also post multiple timezones.
The tournament format will be based on the order of joining. I will split the teams evenly into multiple brackets, after the group stages, it will proceed to elimination. Depending on the amount of teams interested, the bracket size and the amount of brackets will fluctuate.
I have one team at around 2750 SR that is interested. I was wondering if your team would like to participate. If the first season goes well, I will start up a second season, hopefully with more teams and also a prize money pool. If you have any questions or are interested, PM me on discord ( or email me at
Thank you,


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