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Solid Jack of All Trades

xbox - USA by CptDaddySmack
Posted on 14 Aug 2019

Server: America

Hi guys and gals, I am a very solid Jack of all trades player most of the time I fill in where the team desperately needs (especially in casual). At this point in time I am absolutely sick and tired of everyone playing DPS in casual all the time (which I know, will be changed by the update launching today) but the suffering in the past has made me want to post here. I love this game so much and want to play it in a competitive aspect but because of the number of teammates it’s somewhat challenging to have people on at the same time. All I’m looking for is some people willing to somewhat build a process and teamwork. I’m not looking for assholes who think they are the best in their specific roles and won’t play anything else. I’d like to play with people that play it all and play it all decently. I like to switch around and like others to do the same. With that said I’m 25, I have a mic with good call outs, and don’t get over heated if we loose a couple games. Hit me up and let’s get grinding! Sorry for the long read.


    Hello! I own a team called BOOSTIO. we are a 3k and under team looking for players. Dm me on discord fog_jibjab#2666

    by FOG_JibJab

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