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xbox - USA by Timewornsky
Posted on 12 Jan 2019

Server: America

Hello! My name is Time, and I’m looking for a group of people to be apart of a clan/team, that’s ready to improve, and play together.
I am a flex, and can basically play anyone (except widdow, hanzo, genji, and rein.)
I’m looking for a well put together group that’s willing to play, and not be toxic.
I’m bronze at the moment, and looking to rank up a whole lot.
I only need 4-5 people, so if you’re interested hurry up!
I’d prefer everyone be able to flex, or specialize in a few characters of each category. But if you can only play reaper, or S76, it’s completely fine!
We will play comp.


    Hey if you're still looking for a teamate I don't mind making a smurf to help to level up. I'm a plat player, but decent at what I do.

    by MiscVT

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