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Posted on 10 Dec 2017

Server: America

Career high 3627, current 3100-3200 and climbing. I main mecree but can flex to 18/26 heroes very comfortably. I play mecree because it is the easiest to carry but if I had a solid team I could main support


    I am Mario from The KoKBLoKSquad looking to create a chill minded PS4 team of players. To improve as a team, rank up in competitive and maybe compete in tournaments one day. We are looking for active members that can attend practice, and rank games 3 times a week. (Putting what we practiced into real game)
    We've put together a great team thus far. 65 people have tried out thus far and we're almost there! Just need to find one great tank or DPS player. If you are in masters / GM and have a alt account to have fun with. You are welcome!
    A list of some requirements:
    -must have a mic to communicate and just talk and chill :)
    -must be able to speak English for callouts
    -must NOT be toxic (positive attitude)
    -must be willing to practice and improve with a set hero or role (Tank, Healer, DPS)
    -must be willing to switch some roles if needed (Tank, Healer, DPS)
    If you wish to join feel free to msg me Discord https://discord.gg/mta4KEv Please include in your message your main role, your Sr, current and career high, and anything else you want to include. Best of luck everyone and I look forward to meeting you all!

    by KoKBLoKSQUAD#1558

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