Looking for a team to climb rank with

Posted on 23 Jun 2017

Server: America

I'm looking for a team who is good with working with others. my main is mercy I have a mic too so we can talk. Message me if you want to play. (: gamer tag same as above


    add me my id giants8525, i can play dva, lucio, mercy, reinhardt

    by giants8525

    Add me! Im so flex, but im in hight silver right now :c I need tanks and supports yo climb up. I Play all the roles and Im so flex so np if we need healers ir tanks with me

    by MutePulse27

    Add me, my id AgentWolf20. I am a bastion and reinhardt main but i am flexible

    by AgentWolf20

    gold rank, I main Ana and Zarya but extremely flexible. Psn : Lookbry
    I have added a bunch of people that are decent at comp as well

    by Lookbry

    we are looking for members for our team would you like to join

    by CAT

    Contact POPEYES_IS_YUMMY now

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