ps4 Division: bronze Language: Age: 30+ Using Headset
PSN: ismskism
is playing: Lucio

Looking for 30+ players

ps4 - Nederlands by Ismskism
Posted on 10 Oct 2018

Server: Europe

I wonder if there are any european 30+ players? I like the game a lot, but get kinda frustrated when playing with persons who do not really get the "team"thing or are toxic a.f. I'm not a highly skilled (1500SR) player and play mainly as Lucio but I am a good team asset. I know age is not really a big thing nowadays, there are also highly skilled players at a very young age but playing with similar peers is perhaps better for the team spirit?!. I play for about 4 nights a week.

So if you want to play some *serious games QP or Comp, you use your mic or discord and talk english or dutch, please hook up!

*You don't have to be gold, master or expert or have ambitions to play in the league (yet)


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