pc Division: silver Language: Age: 20+ Using TS
BATTLETAG: Munk#11218
is playing: D.vais playing: Luciois playing: Zaryais playing: reinhardtis playing: zenyatta

Zenyatta Main - Silver looking for team

pc - USA by munk#11218
Posted on 16 Jul 2018

Server: America

I am a bit new to gaming on the PC so my mechanics are not very good. I love to play Overwatch and I have been doing so since about September of 2016 on XBOX one. I Pretty much played casually but liked competitive a lot towards season 6. I made it to Platt but never invested time to actually get better. Eventually I was frustrated with the game and the console community just became too toxic. I left and didn't play for seasons 8 and 9. When I got the game on PC I did placements and hit 1950, I didn't touch PC until season 10 and placed in Bronze (1385 if I remember correctly) I climbed to about 1600ish. This season I placed in 1538 and currently my season high is 1698, so I am making progress. I have recently taken steps to improve my game and I was just looking to see if there were any teams that could make me better. I usually Two-Stack in comp just because I like the comms and I guess that's really why I want to find a team... It's the comms.


    Hey, I’m TrixCold from “The Art of Warfare” gaming community.
    Playing Overwatch alone can be tough. That’s why we believe that playing together in a community, is the best way to play. We have members of all ranges of SR, from silver to masters. We have training specialists ready to help teams and players improve. We host fun events along with our in-house league competition.

    We Offer:
    -An in-house league competition.
    -Scrim matches against other communities.
    -Arcade nights with custom made game modes.
    -Structured teams with training support.
    -Toxic free environment.

    We have 100+ members in our Overwatch division. We have dedicated team captains and staff to give you the optimal overwatch experience. Join “The Art of Warfare” and enjoy Overwatch the way it was meant to be played!

    Apply now at www.taw.net or for more info TrixCold#2429

    by TrixCold#2429

    by TrixCold#2429

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