|Trying to find a GOOD team for ONLY comp|Plat 2500+|

pc - Austria by Gratisninja#24297
Posted on 03 Dec 2017

Server: Europe

I am constantly trying to find a solid team to play but I ran into somany players that just aren't good enough and can't coordinate with other people. So I thought I could find a team that needs a player. I can flex pretty good but I am the best with tanks currently I am 2700+. If you need a flex or tank player then just dm me
Battletag: Gratisninja#24297


    We need player like you!
    If you want some more informaition: https://www.overwatch-teamup.com/teams/on-pc/the-trilogy-needs-heroes_id28372

    -The Trilogy

    by UnrealBDV#2659

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