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is playing: traceris playing: genjiis playing: Meiis playing: Junkratis playing: pharahis playing: Sombra

Tracer Specialist or Projectile Flex LF a new Team

pc - Français by N4TE#21317
Posted on 16 Apr 2018

Server: Europe

Former Flex DPS I have left my previous team because of divergence of opinion on the objectives we wanted to reach, I am a 20 years old Swiss player specialised on the Tracer play but I can play mostly all the projectile heroes (Genji, Pharah, Junkrat, Mei, Doomfist).

I am looking for a semi-professional team that wants to improve and compete. I'm not looking for people to rank with, I have enough contact on battle.net for that, no I'm looking for a team with a well rounded management team, a coach and players who really want to improve and take time to compete on a serious level, who don't give up after the first loss or find easy excuses to be late on training days.

As a player I have competed in LAN but I'm not looking to reiterate the experience, online tournament and league are my main concern before going in a LAN again. I also played in the Swiss Esport League with correct result, going onto the playoffs but my team mentality wasn't great.

As a player I'm ready to invest time in the team and improve my personal mechanics to give the better out of myself. I wanna compete and get good result to forge a name for myself and possibly compete at higher level. My highest goal at the moment is to perform in the Open Division in a near future.


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