pc Division: platinum Age: 16+ Using Discord
is playing: D.vais playing: winstonis playing: reinhardt

Tank Main

pc - by Kristian
Posted on 13 Jun 2018

Server: Europe

im looking for a competetive overwatch team. I have played this game for 2 years now so i think i have some experience. i want a serious team that cant also have some fun, i speak english and norwegian


    we are looking to start an overwatch team myself and a friend we are both Gold SR on PC but high Plat on Console, we are alot of game knowledge to offer and we will also have coaches too on this team to improve us too. If you like this Add Me my BattleTag is #Sullyy#21137. We play on EU server znd the roles we play are
    Me ; Main support - over 200 healers as Mercy,Moira,Zen
    Luke : Off Tank - Dva, Zarya

    by Sullyy#21137

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