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Tank {Competitive} Platinum Player since S2

pc - Nederlands by GameMods
Posted on 14 Mar 2019

Server: Europe

I always been active playing Overwatch since the beginning, but I always felt very lonely doing so. I still tried my best every competitive match, but there was something missing. I eventually became a solid Platinum, but still hadn't got that much fun like the games I did play with my friends. Today I found out about this website, so here I'm typing like it's a job application, finding answers for my loneliness. Maybe a great team will fill that gap...

I always like to play support classes, which protect your team from damage or support them with orbs and speed-boosts. I mainly like to play tank, because of the protection, but playing like a FH (Flex Healer) doesn't sound bad for me either.


    Hey! Add me on discord, I would love to get you into a place where there is always someone to play with and maybe even a comp team to join! Selcouth#3431

    by Selcouth

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