pc Division: grandmaster Language: Age: 16+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Möro#21938
is playing: traceris playing: reaperis playing: genjiis playing: Meiis playing: Junkratis playing: Soldier:76is playing: Zaryais playing: McCreeis playing: Widowmakeris playing: torbjornis playing: hanzo

T3 (4.3k sr) DPS player LFT

pc - Sweden by Möro#21938
Posted on 15 Mar 2018

Server: Europe

Looking for a serious T3+ team that scrims regularly. I have experience playing in tournaments and leagues in TF2, Counter-Strike and Overwatch, and I have thousands of hours spent on competitive shooters. I am a very competitive and driven player, and will do everything I can to improve myself and the team I am on.

I have experience playing the following in tournament play: Tracer, McCree, Soldier, Genji, Junkrat, Zarya, Widowmaker, Mei and Reaper. Have also scrimmed as other offtanks but not a lot.

I am willing to put a lot of time into and learn how to play any hero, I can do target calling and like to try and work with the team's captain to create as good of an environment for the team as possible.

I am free every day of the week at any time.

I am fluent in both English and Swedish.

I'm going to be 18 in October.

My discord is Moro#4697



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