Support main Looking for Team

pc - Denmark by rêrollêd#2245
Posted on 10 Aug 2018

Server: Europe

My experience is 3396SR s11 on main account this 2nd account is normally only used for playing with friends so peaked at 3246SR and decayed to around 3000SR
I am looking for mid plat to low diamond team for climbing/getting better at the game preferably playing hours around 1AM to 4AM CET/CEST depending on season

I main:
Mercy, Ana, Brigitte, Moira

I play (listed in most played for each role):
Mercy, Ana, Moira, Brigitte, Zen
D.Va, Winston, Orisa, Roadhog, Zarya, Rein
Widow, Tracer, Torb, Pharah, Bastion

I have 4 accounts:
Solo que main account support main around 3300
Account for playing with friends also support main around 3000
Tank account around 3000 D.Va main, Winston, Roadhog, Zarya for filling only pick rein for filling/solo tank when there's no dive dpsers
DPS account around 2800 tracer, widow & torb main can also play Pharah, Sombra & Bastion


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