pc Division: gold Language: Age: 20+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Immortal#2786
is playing: Luciois playing: zenyatta

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pc - Norwegian by Immortal#2786
Posted on 22 Mar 2018

Server: Europe

Hello! Im 24 years old, from Norway. I've been playing Overwatch casually with friends for about 1 and half years.
But lately I've been more and more eager to really rank up.
I've been at and around 2k for a while. Started tryharding abit last season and got to about 2.4k. Im currently around 2.4k aswell
But It seems there's alot of people not taking it too seriously in the lower ranks, so Im trying to find
some people or a team to play with to seriusly try to rank up!

I main Zenyatta and Lucio, but can flex as hog/a couple of dps.

My discord is Skogsomeness#1372


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