pc Division: platinum Language: Age: 30+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Alex#118835

Seeking Competitive Group - PC/ Support

pc - USA by alex#118835
Posted on 08 Oct 2019

Server: America

Looking for a group to team up for competitive. I'm mostly a support main, tho I flex to tank here and there. Within my casual friend group - I'm mostly forced to support which in return I just focused on that role. Been active with overwatch since first release and i'm just getting fed up with solo queues and want to aim for a team setting (might have hopes to semi-pro; in my dreams, I know.)

Current rank is in platinum via support. I do have another account but I wanted to have a more serious (hide from people) account. If you contact me I can always toss you that ID if you want to check stats and whatever.


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