Peak 3.6k Main Tank LFT

pc - by ReeceyClone#2311
Posted on 23 Apr 2018

Server: Europe

Currently 3.5k, My best heroes are Reinhardt, Winston, and ofcourse Orisa Nothing much more to add to that. Looking for a serious team, preferably entering Open Division eventually or professional tournaments to get better. Happy with being a reserve if needed.

Shameless Plug:
I've got up to the top 3 of the Retribution leaderboard for all heroes, my profile can be viewed there (or on the second page depending on when you're reading this) much easier than adding initially and then looking.
I've reached 4.1k in the 6V6 Elimination Competitive mode.
Coaching for Final Boss Overwatch & Team Erition.
Manager of Dominaticus Esports' EU team, "Big Shatter Penguins".

My Discord is "ReeceyClone#4627"
My Twitch is simply "ReeceyClone"
My is "ReeceyClone#2311"


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