[PC] [EU] [4300+ SR] [SH 4437] Hitscan DPS Main LFT

pc - Austria by MrDragonlol#2818
Posted on 13 Dec 2017

Server: Europe

Hi, I am looking for a SERIOUS competitive team. I reached in S1 S2 S3 S5 S6 TOP500, besides S4 and dropped out of it. My English isnt the best but I understand it well. I've got time almost every day to scrim/training. I am 17 years old. I want a team that is willing to scrim almost every day for at least 2h or more.
SR peak: 4459

languages: English and German

Main Ac MrDragonlol#2818 Overbuff: https://www.overbuff.com/players/pc/MrDragonlol-2818
Alt Ac Schatzgoblin#22963 Overbuff: https://www.overbuff.com/players/pc/Schatzgoblin-22963

Add me on [Battlenet: MrDragon#2818 ] or [Discord: MrDragonlol#3907 ]


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