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pc - Austria by Trixxie
Posted on 29 Jan 2018

Server: Europe

My name is Trixxie, Im 21 and Im looking for a team.
I speak fluent English and German.
My current SR is around 2151, bu when I was ranking in a friend who just bought the game I came to 2651, so potential is there. I am a teamplayer, not getting tilted so fast.

I am a switcher, meaning I adapt on what my team needs, but Im most compfortable as a support/tank.
My hero pool is:
Ana, D.va, Mercy>Zen, Moira, Orisa, Sym, Sombra>Junkrat and if really needed (average to low skill but playable) Zarya, Lucio, Widdow (picks at the start), Solider 76, Tracer
My playstyle on my "Main hero pool" can be described as:
-D.va Rather agressive, diving ppl off high ground and taking down snipers, making room for the team, rarely overextending. Rdy to eat ults and abilities if I see them fast enaugh.
-Mercy: Rather defensive. out LoS ing enemy team if possible, positioning mid to backline of the team. Dmg boosting and steadily healing. From time to time if the situation allows it I hunt for snipers/support when safe enaugh and in valkyrie, succsessfully even.
-Ana: Positioning in midline of team, will sleep ults if they are in my LoS. Can play agressive and defensive, whatever is needed.
-Moira: Rather agressive

My played times /Hero (righ now) are:
36h Mercy>26h Ana>22h D.va>19h Widdow>18h Sym>16h Junkrat>12h Sombra>11h Zen /rest below 5h
My highest winrate this season were:
D.va (64%), Orisa (56%)
My only golden gun is on ana.
My prefered Heros (out of them from above) to play are D.va/Orisa and Ana.

I've been stuck enaugh in gold mith people forcing me to play Mercy because Im a girl (which shouldnt matter at this point, I mean yes I can play Mercy but I dont want to do so fulltime)

Im not looking for a carry group! I rather play as a unity.



    If you are interested you can check out www.primelegion.com, we are not a team but a community. We have the option for you to start your own team inside our community though, and use our discord and our website to communicate with your team. We are a bunch of very friendly people that enjoy playing all types of games together.

    Hope to see you soon m8

    by CantStanYA

    Hi, were currently doing tryouts for our team, if youre interested then heres a link https://discord.gg/SPPrPnm hope we see you :)

    by Saebyeolbe#2846

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