Master tank player LFT

pc - Brasil by Universeble#1915
Posted on 07 Dec 2017

Server: America

Rank: Master for 3 seasons around 3.6k (3.7k highest)

Heroes: Winston next to Zarya but if needed can play Orisa, D.Va and even Lúcio and Soldier if needed.

Communication: Discord but am whiling to use other programs if required (like Teamspeak/Skype/Mumble)
I communicate a lot and can adjust my coms to the preference of the team. I also speak Portuguese, English and Spanish fluently

Time: BRT, available mornings and afternoons

I can completely adjust myself to the preferences of the team and will do my best to allow people to do their jobs. My playstyle with Tanks is to zone/distract enemy DPS/Tanks to allow for my DPS to have an easier time.


    by Cejota#11536

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