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BATTLETAG: Tjark#21204
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Main sup LF serious Team

pc - Austria by Tjark#21204
Posted on 29 Aug 2017

Server: Europe

Hey im Tjark 28 yrs old, and im searching for a Team to participate in Tournaments, leagues, competitive, Scrims and what not.

I want to spend a whole lot of Time with this Team, so i like to have Training.
Its important that we can get along on a personal level, a strong Team is involved with friendship, thats my believe.

Some facts about me:
-Played FPS games for 9 Years
-Main Heros: Mercy, Lucio, Ana, Zen <- in this order
-Stable system & Internet connection
-Using all kinds of Voice Coms
-Living in Austria but can speak english as well

So if you are missing a solid Support Player, maybe im the right one for you.
Its the second season i hitted Diamond and i want to keep this up or even extend this.

Looking forward to play with some of you :)

BTAG: Tjark#21204


    Here is our recruitment post


    If it sounds appealing to you then drop on by our discord for a chat.


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