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Main Reinhardt LFT

pc - Belgium by Đrizzle#2782
Posted on 21 Apr 2017

Server: Europe

Hi there,

I'm a Main Reinhardt. Đrizzle is my main account. Got it to 3.7 peak by playing mostly DPS. I had a long break from OW. I'm back now, so therefore i made another account ( wich i've put in lower ranks to practice Reinhardt ) I have 60+ Hours on Reinhardt on my other account.

My peak was 3700 on this account, but it got dropped to 3300+ because of not playing ranked for a time ( cuz of had a break from OW )

Basically, i'm looking for a steady team to do Comp or even more. I've been in a newly started team before in lower ranks before my break.

I'm a prety aggressive Reinhardt player. But i do know when to be Defensive!! I've been practicing this in Comp for about 41 hours. and another 21 ish in QP. Like i said, you won't see alot of hours of Reinhardt on ĐRIZZLE. All my hours are on my Second account.

Basic info about me :

Age : 20
Country : Belgium
Language : Dutch & English

Would you have any interest in me, feel free to leave a message here, or add my Btag : ĐRIZZLE#2782 ( Copy paste it cuz of weird letter D )

Hope you have a nice day.


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