pc Division: diamond Language: Age: 16+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: EdwinRam#1136
is playing: reaperis playing: genjiis playing: D.vais playing: Zaryais playing: zenyatta

Looking for team

pc - USA by EdwinRam#1136
Posted on 20 Oct 2017

Server: America

I am diamond im looking for a team to play with because its really hard to play with out a team. I am a really good dva and zarya I can play support aswell.


    Hello! Im one of the team managers of a diamond/master team. We're looking for a flex player at the moment. If you'd be alright with subbing, we'd love to try you out. My discord is Nefetiri#9576

    by Nefetiri#1924

    Add me

    by Quacob#1258

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