Looking for squad members.

pc - USA by thebigshow#11712
Posted on 13 Jan 2018

Server: America

Looking to team up with flexible players willing to try new and old comps through practice and playing together. 2600 range is where I'm at and hoping to find a few positive players to have fun and climb with. The more the merrier. Add me and just send me a message on battle net. Thebigshow#11712.

Shot callers encouraged.


    Looking for a team. I’m a dva main. 21 hours played with her this competitive season. Currently at 2253 sr with season high of 2497

    Can play support comfortable and flex offence. Defence is not my strong point. Reply for any further information.

    PS4 only

    by Charliemarie128x

    Go ahead and add me. Thebigshow#11712

    by thebigshow#11712

    I'm PC though. You have PS4 only it says.

    by thebigshow#11712

    Contact thebigshow#11712 now

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