pc Division: gold Language: Age: 16+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Ħakai#1993
is playing: traceris playing: reaperis playing: genjiis playing: D.vais playing: Meiis playing: Junkratis playing: Luciois playing: Zaryais playing: McCreeis playing: Widowmakeris playing: winstonis playing: pharahis playing: reinhardtis playing: zenyattais playing: Anais playing: Sombra

Looking for a team Dps flex Main(Doomfist specialist)

pc - USA by Ħakai#1993
Posted on 10 Oct 2018

Server: America

Gold (will play for any elo 2k+ ) flex dps main looking for a team so that i can improve and maybe play in tournaments

Traits - i can kill pharah as doom
- Viable as hitscan (ik hes projectile) as doom
- i can play hitscan decently (50% accuracy)
- projectiles are my strongest
- Masters on console(game sense)
- can wipe team with at least three good players(meaning i can kill 4 and let others finish up if my support is godlike will be ez clap)
- Doomfist counters brig(devil)
- Eager to improve and meet better players
- The more i play with a certain person the less mistakes i do
- If i havent deleted the listing im still available


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