pc Division: platinum Age: 16+ Using Discord
is playing: traceris playing: D.vais playing: Roadhogis playing: Junkratis playing: Soldier:76is playing: Zaryais playing: McCreeis playing: Widowmakeris playing: winstonis playing: pharahis playing: hanzois playing: zenyatta

Looking for a serious team!

pc - by KBOO#21388
Posted on 15 May 2019

Server: Europe

I'm a 16 year old guy that's looking for a serious team to play in on a
"professional" level!

I have a lot of previous team experience since i've played in a team before.
I'm always trying to be a positive guy and support my teammates.
I'm looking for a mature team that's serious and that i can compete with.
I can scrim pretty much at any day of the week!

I'm mainly play DPS where Tracer is my main! I can also play Mccree quite good!
I can also play Widowmaker, Zarya, D.VA and i'm learning Pharah!
I really want to improve as a player on a professional level.
I only use Discord to talk! I won't use other programs as Skype or TeamSpeak!


    Enter in contact with me on discord ReBe#5032

    by ReBe#21628

    Hey, Team Selene which is part of the Hunters of Artemis community are currently looking for a DPS player, add me on Discord if you want to chat Lynxi#8437

    by Lynxi#2322

    Contact KBOO#21388 now

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