pc Division: master Language: Age: 16+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Smaul#2926
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Look for a team

pc - Français by Smau#2926
Posted on 20 Aug 2017

Server: Europe

Hey ! im looking for a team to play in competitive match and on scrim, i want to try hard all my game, looks at my mistakes and try to fix them! The season 5 is really boring and play in soloq is really not funny thats why im looking for a team to play seriously but also to get fun .My level is, i think ,master, i think cause we cant really know with the last season the real rank . I am a projectile dps main but i can also play on hitscan support and tank . Just need practice a little bit ! I have 17 years old and can play everyday
Sorry for english ^^ Hope u will invite me


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