LFT Support, Flex Tank 2400+ Seeking competitive team

pc - USA by BakedPotato#11196
Posted on 14 Sep 2018

Server: America

My name is Alex (Baked) and I have been playing Overwatch since release with a few breaks, primarily on Xbox one till making the overdo switch to PC. I am now looking for a team with competitive experience to take me to the next level of play! I have a strong desire to compete in scrims and tournaments, with the main goal of competing in Open Division matches. Highest SR was 2800+ on Xbox, currently 2400+

I am 27, non-toxic player who is willing to listen to criticism to become the possible player/teammate, as I can take responsibility for my errors. I have a strong competitive nature, and strive so I can definitely come across as "passionate" when up against the ropes, however, I do tend to focus well under pressure. I am a strong communicator for calling out enemy positioning, stragglers, and ult up time.

If interested feel free to PM me. I am open to any conversation and trying out for whatever position you are looking to fill :)

Primary Support player Healers ranked as follow:
1. Moira (Strongest)
2. Zenyatta
3. Brig/Ana
4. Lucio
5. Mercy (Weakest)

Flex Tank ranked as Follow:
1. Reinhart (Strongest)
2. Winston
3. Wrecking Ball
4. D.Va
5. Roadhog (Weakest)

Highest SR was 2800+ on Xbox, currently 2400+


    I'm Jack. I lead a small band of overwatch players. We're called Team Otaku as we are all anime fans. Lately, my players have not been showing up as life keeps getting in the way. I wish for a tight schedule that my team will follow as if it was there job and listen me as their leader as Jayne (The Coach of Team Canada) says, 2 people doing something stupid is a strategy. Join me as we strive for long-term improvement, have a strict schedule and build our team synergy before playing in competitive. If you join, we won't be playing competitive until we can consistently have a team of 6 players online every week. Then we will be recording our gameplay and dedicating a day to reviewing our vods together all in the pursuit of improvement.
    I see that you have dreams of Open Division, as do I but big dreams like that aren't achieved overnight. I foresee a shot at Open Division sometime at the end of next year if possible.
    If you are interested, my battletag is Yojack87#1656
    Most of our players are on the east coast.

    by Yojack87#1656

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