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LFT, Read description first.

pc - USA by Howtobederp101
Posted on 12 Jan 2019

Server: America

Hi, My name is Red and I used to play on PS4 but now play on PC. I was a high gold in PS4 but I haven't tried competitive yet in PC due to the fact that I wanted to retrain myself to play on PC. I'm getting better but I'm looking for a team that allows me to play with people who are not toxic, relaxed but still serious. I use to be a Reaper and Mercy Main on PS4 (Although I still flexed roles on PS4) and currently just a flex on PC as of currently.
I put my thing to bronze division on here due to the fact that I'm not exactly sure where I will land on PC but I can assure you that I am no rookie to the game.

Contact me by Email which is Howtobederp101@gmail.com or on here. Thank you for your time and happy hunting!


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