pc Division: grandmaster Language: Age: 16+ Using Discord is playing: mercyis playing: Ana

LFT GM+ 4177 peak Ana Main

pc - USA by TBoogy
Posted on 11 Oct 2018

Server: America

Hi, I am TBoogy,

I am an Ana main and can also play Mercy and Moira. I have a peak of 4177 and am currently 4032. I am very competitive with a drive to improve. I am decent with coms and can take constructive criticism. I am for the most part free every night besides Thursdays. I have played on 1 team before but I left because they were too casual.

I am looking for a competitive team that is GM+. Practice at least 3 nights a week with regular scrims. Preferred but not needed, a coach. Contact me on discord at TBoogy#6149


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