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pc - by spiderpig#11672
Posted on 17 Aug 2017

Server: America

Just an average 14 year old overwatch player looking to get better at the game and find a chill team. I can play all healers and tanks except zarya. If you need dps I can do a bit of that with soldier. Contact my bnet tag(above) and I can invite to discord or use team chat in overwatch.https://discord.gg/YrU5aGc


    Hai! You're ad caught my eye! I am currently seeking a new members to join our OW team! We are a loving dedicated semi organized team that is looking to get great minded people together to hopefully spend time in getting used to our team game plays and climbing through the ranks together!! If interested please dont hesitate to reach out :)

    by PixiePanda#1934

    Hey mate,

    I'm part of a certain gaming community called Stallion Gaming [xSTGCx] and we're looking for anyone interested in joining us. [xSTGCx]  is a new gaming community that is founded on a old structure.. It's a laid back community were we focus on creating a respectful and fun atmosphere for all gamers.

    We believe that all gamers with a passion for competition need an engaging outlet to share and express their passions. Gamers thrive in a diverse environment that is social, empowering, supportive and informative, and all gamers, regardless of skill, have a place in competitive gaming. #BETHEGAMECHANGER

    We all play an assortment of games and host servers for many of these such as; Overwatch, PlayerUnknown's:Battlegrounds, RUST, Diablo 3, ARMA, FIFA, CS:GO and many more.

    At the moment we don't have a dedicated server set up, but we play the game regularly and hope to start one quite soon...

    If you're interested in checking us out go to http://stallion-gaming.com/

    by sphinxxuk'2524

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