pc Division: diamond Using Discord

Hitscan DPS lft

pc - by Corythaix#1266
Posted on 09 Aug 2018

Server: America

__**[LFT] [PC/NA] Hitscan Flex Player LFT**__

-Just placed. Currently ranked at 2.9k on DPS account, but capable of carrying(?) games at the diamond level.
Can play reaper at a high diamond/low masters level.

-Over 300+ experience on 4.2k level teams as a main support player. Both ingame and irl lan tournament experience. 

-Currently available all days of the week except for Wednesday. I can do 8-10pm, 9-11pm, or 10-12am Est scrims. Whatever works.

-Willing to put in tons of work in order to improve both a player and a teammate. 

-Capable of tracking ults and calling switches (would rather not if support is capable of doing so)

-Best at Reaper, Tracer, Widow, Pharah, McCree. Can flex to any support, D.va, Mei, and others. 

-Preferably looking for a plat-diamond+ team but I will work with whatever. Just looking to play and improve.

Please DM if interested! Thanks :D


    Hey, My diamond team is looking for someone to fill a hitscan role. If you are interested fill out our application. http://www.guilded.gg/r/zzJjJMDwEk

    by LuckyOwl#114195

    @LuckyOwl I sent in an application earlier today, thanks! <3

    by Corythaix#1266

    Contact Corythaix#1266 now

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