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pc - Norwegian by starkim1999#2264
Posted on 22 Jun 2018

Server: Europe

I am a ex diamond player (peaked master at one point but lost it after one game) currently gold player, Looking general for a team or guild/esport team. i have experience with playing some of the hard characters like Hanzo and Genji however i am not that good with genji yet. i can have whatever from 20% to 70% accuracy normaly

i have best ping on EU, but i am able to play on NA and Asia without lagg
English is my second
i can additional to the list play: Orisa, Moira, Brigitte
(more coming soon)

discord: starkim1999#1492


    Hi! we started a community a few months back for mature gamers in the EU... we have over 400 members (normally 30 people playing actively a night) we have 4 Overwatch teams currently set up. We have Scrims, PUGS, Events running on a regular basis with higher ranked players coaching lower rank players. So if you are tired of solo Que talking to young kids (Hence the 18+ rule) feel free to join, we also play other games... HOTS, COD, BF etc Please join if you intend to become a member join in with the community, we see hundreds of other community's that not active... we pride ourselfs on having a active member base. Thank you Jonny - SG Admin https://discord.gg/FJeugKx

    by jonnyandwot#2261

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