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BATTLETAG: Mickii#21899
is playing: traceris playing: Soldier:76is playing: McCreeis playing: zenyatta


pc - by c4m#21379
Posted on 22 Jul 2018

Server: Europe


I'm boosting people to get to diamond since I've five accounts on Master level (3500sr+ each).


~ How to get boosted:
You have two choices,
1. Provide me your own account (Make sure to enable Email and Authenticator security) so I can solo Q your account to Diamond.

2. Provide me a smurf account, in which case I will be grouping with you so we can Duo to Diamond;
WARNING: I do not use my own account to queue with people, and since this is a free service, don't expect me to get you to diamond in a week.


~ Heroes:
I mostly play DPS, being McCree/Tracer/Soldier but I also play zen.

~ Why:
I've time to spare and playing in high ranks dont allow me to practice my aim when a good winston is constantly jumping on me. In lower ranks, its easier to focus on aiming instead of game knowledge.


~ Add me:


Contact c4m#21379 now

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