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BATTLETAG: Katiekat#11223
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Flex player LFT <3

pc - USA by Katiekat#11223
Posted on 11 Jul 2019

Server: America

Hello~ Flex player here, looking for people who actually want to keep talking after a gaming round. I would love to be a part of an actual team (it's my dream to compete professionally). I do work nights but I play during the morning/day as well as usually most of the day on weekends. Since not all players are listed just yet, I also play Moira, Ashe, and Baptise. My career high is 2600 but I'm currently floating in mid gold.

PS (IMPORTANT): I don't want large groups. I get ignored and bullied so nothing over 15-20 people.
I also don't know how to answer messages so just add me to talk.
Feel free to add me on BN or Discord.
Discord: Katiekat #2111
Send a message if you have a team for me or want more info!


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