pc Division: platinum Language: Age: 14+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Flesro#1734
is playing: traceris playing: genji

Experienced platinum player looking to join serious team

pc - USA by Flesro
Posted on 15 Dec 2017

Server: America

Hi, I'm Flesro.
I have worked on a team in the past that was coached by a master player (thanks rhikko) and that built my passion for the game. However I can't find myself enjoying working alone and wish to seek better opportunities to advance my skill. I am a DPS player (mainly tracer or genji) and constantly have golds and people accusing me of hacking (not to brag). I am looking for a mature team and I admit, I am young, but have have worked with people older than me who seem to tolerate me (hopefully).

SR: 2800 (high 2900)
Availability: 5-10 all weekdays 1st and 3rd weekends (thats for time off)


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