pc Division: platinum Language: Age: 16+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: BOBhardt#2794
is playing: traceris playing: reaperis playing: D.vais playing: Roadhogis playing: Junkratis playing: pharahis playing: reinhardtis playing: mercy

[EU/NA] Tank/heal main, always flex

pc - Estonia by bobhardt#2794
Posted on 12 Jan 2019

Server: Europe

Looking for a nice and friendly team to prove myself and get better at this game in general. I've had 3 different accounts with completely different mains on each, so i am pretty decent with some heroes, especially tracer, pharah and junkrat. The ones i can play the best are Reinhardt and mercy.
i am trying to connect overwatch with my future life and seeking for every possibility to do so.
My peak sr is 2990 which is almost diamond level and i want to join a team without too toxic people and perhaps to find some new friends, so if your team is not full yet, i would love to get a chance to prove myself.


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