pc Division: platinum Language: Age: 18+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Aestimia#1229
is playing: traceris playing: genjiis playing: D.vais playing: Soldier:76is playing: Zaryais playing: pharahis playing: zenyattais playing: Ana

dps support main

pc - USA by Aestimia#1229
Posted on 13 Oct 2017

Server: America

looking for team that scrims. i can use any voice communication. speak english.

my current mains are
ana pharah soldier mercy tracer... can flex if need to

really a fan of dive.

looking to play with other plats to get better.

time online: really anyday at nights( 8pm-12am est) just need to be told a little on advance.

currently at 2300 sr but climbing back to plat slowly.


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