pc Division: diamond Language: Age: 18+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: asteriss#2198

Diamond Main Tank LFT

pc - Europe by asteriss#2198
Posted on 17 Jul 2019

Server: Europe

I mostly play main tanks but I am confident with most off-tanks too.
-Experience is high diamond/low masters
-Can play everyday other than Tuesday and Friday morning
-Pretty confident in my learning skills and ok with critisism
-Hero pool: Rein, Orisa, Winston, Hog, Dva, Ana, Zen, Brig, Moira, Ashe, Mei
Discord: asterisss#8554


    Hey, I saw you were looking for a Diamond+ team! I'm in a community called Damage Incorporated that organizes a ton of teams, and we've got plenty of spots open if you want to give it a try. Plus we do casual stuff on the side when comp gets stale. If you're interested just hit me up on Discord: Arinae#1641 or Bnet: Arinae#1213 and I will help you out with becoming a member.

    by Sudo

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