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BATTLETAG: IceSpiked#2487

Coaching low tier teams (~2.5K)

pc - Nederlands by IceSpiked#2487
Posted on 12 Mar 2019

Server: Europe

My name is Jonathan and I am a high diamond peak flex player. I want to coach low sr teams (2.5k and below) and help them grow much better. I speak fluent English and have tons of knowledge about the game. I can teach people about game mechanics, the importance of attitude and confidence and many other things.

If you wish to contact me, send an e-mail to:
Or message me on discord:


    Can You be the head coach of my team?

    by Fishebob#1987

    Hey i don't really have a team but i really need to get better! if you don't mind coaching me my highest rank is gold

    by DeadlyStorm#21841

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