pc Division: grandmaster Language: Age: 16+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Leetrix#21929
is playing: Zaryais playing: winstonis playing: reinhardt

4k Main Tank - 4.4k Peak

pc - English (US) by Leetrix#21929
Posted on 24 Aug 2019

Server: Europe

I am a tank main with my best heroes being Rein, Zarya and Winston. I have always wanted to join a team but climbing to a considerably good rank has been such a grind (especially when solo queuing) and so I haven't been able to join one. Now that I have reached an acceptable rank I feel like I'm ready for a team. I am a great shotcaller and I am rarely not shotcalling in ladder games.
I am very knowledgeable of the game and all of its metas and so I will be able to be the strategist of the team if need be.
I have peaked T500 in multiple seasons but I am always looking to improve
Discord - Leetrix#4919
Email - leetrixbusiness@gmail.com


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