pc Division: top500 Language: Age: 20+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Amfly#2667
is playing: reinhardt

[4300 SR][top 360] main tank/healer (shot caller) looking for a team

pc - Europe by Amfly#2667
Posted on 22 Apr 2019

Server: Europe

Hello fellow ow fans,

My in game name is Amfly (others call me bluEE) and I am looking for a team !

I have a lot of experience in the game (played since beta) and I played for a few EU teams and other local team (and won a few tournies).

I can bring a lot of game knowledge and great communication and shot calling skills to w/e team I will be part in :)

The main catch with me (and the reason I haven't played for a team for the last few seasons) is beacause I lack the time to participate in every practice (which in high level teams is 4-5 times a week).

So with the recognition of that fact, I am looking to still be a part of a team as maybe a sub or something familiar who can come when needed and fill almost every healer and tank role in the game very well.

Please contact me if this is relevant to your team and ill be happy to share more info :)

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